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If your parcel is lost or defective please e-mail us ASAP at: so we can make it right.



We do not accept any returns or refunds, because the mask you chose is not inconspicuous enough. Please read the FAQ and the product description which describes in detail each product. It is possible that the 2 layer is inappropriate for you in a context where you need it for a strict place (school, work), in that case, we recommend that you choose a patterned mask or a triple layer which are more inconspicuous if you need it for contexts where people stand really close to you (within 6-12 feet for example). These are mesh masks, not cloth mask, so the thickness and feel is not the same as cloth mask. They are much lighter and thinner. We try to provide the most breathable option, while staying inconspicuous. It's possible that under certain lightings certain colors make it easier to see your teeth/mouth. But, triple layers and patterned masks are the most inconspicuous and eliminate the risk of seeing through it under normal lightings. Please choose your mask wisely while being mindful of this, as we do not accept exchanges, returns or refunds for this reason. 

Wrong Addresses

We do not accept any returns or refunds, because you entered the wrong address. We cannot check each address one by one and verify them as this would cause the shipping times to be way too long for everybody. Please double and triple check your address when ordering and double check it when you receive your order confirmation e-mail as well as the shipping information e-mail. If you did not receive it, please contact us as soon as you notice it, so we can send it back. We may treat your order too fast, so if you e-mail us after we have created your shipping label and there is no way for us to correct it in time, because it has already been dropped off, then we cannot correct the address, refund or return it. We are not responsible if you enter a wrong address and it's delivered to that wrong address. We have no way to get it back in that specific case. Please contact directly USPS or the carrier to change your address with them by providing the tracking number if we tell you it's already dropped off, because we cannot change addresses ourselves once they are sent and USPS doesn't offer any re-routing option anymore. Please advise us ASAP if you see an error in your address. If it was already returned to us due to an address error, we can send it back to the right address at a cost of 10$ to cover the return fee as well as the fee to send it back to you to the correct address (5$ return fee + 5$ shipping fee). We can't guarantee that by then, we'll have your mask in stock, so if we don't we will refund you the total amount minus 5$ (return fee). If it's not the customer's fault that a shipment is returned (for example if it's the post office's fault), then we will send it back or refund the total amount without any additional fees.

Delivery exceptions

With all orders, we provide a confirmation e-mail and a tracking information e-mail (sometimes, they can end up in your junk folder). It is really important that you keep these information and validate them and that you TRACK your shipment! If they try to deliver it twice or more times and you're not there, sometimes, they will return it to us. If your tracking information says "delivery exception", call your local post office ASAP if you haven't received a paper to go get it. The quicker you act, the faster they'll be able to correct the reason why there was a delivery exception. We accept no refunds or returns due to delivery exceptions or because it was returned to us due to your shipment sitting too long in the post office. If it was returned to us, we can send it back to you if you put the wrong address at a cost of 10$ to cover the return fee as well as the fee to send it back to you.

Mail theft

We are not responsible if your mail is stolen. If it was duly delivered to you and we can confirm that with a "delivered" electronic stamp, we cannot cancel, refund or send back your order. Please contact the police as mail theft is a federal crime and should be reported. You also can claim the amount with your home insurance, they usually have a way to make a claim for stolen mail.


The sizing is approximate. It can vary and we have no way to control it accurately, because the fabric is so light, it is practically impossible to control it when sewing them. It can vary from half an inch to an inch. We do not accept any return, refunds or exchanges, because of sizing variation within these intervals.

Damages and issues

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. Please provide pictures and the most details you can to simplify the treatment of your issue.

Non-returnable items
We have a no-return policy due to the nature of our product. Please choose your size with care, because we do not accept returns and refunds for any other reason than defective, damaged or wrong items. Even if you don't open your package and just send it back, we cannot accept returns for legal reasons.

We cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

Facemasks are not refundable. If your product is damaged or has issues, please write us a detailed e-mail ASAP. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.

Once we create a shipping label for your product, we can't cancel your order or refund you as our treatment time is really fast.

Order change

We usually cannot make any change in your order once you check out. 


Please note that shipping times can be delayed. If you live in the US the standard shipping takes 3-5 business days (once we fulfill your order).

If you live in Canada, it takes approximately 2-9 business days (once we fulfill your order). 

The express shipping takes 1-3 business days if sent to the US or Canada. Please be mindful of the fact this does not include public holidays. If you order after a certain cut-off time on Friday which is usually in the morning at 11am. Then, your express order will be treated on the next business day, because express cariers do not work on the weekend.

Please note that these timeframes are not guaranteed. It's the timeframes we generally observe. If you live in a rural region, it might take longer. Sometimes, weather and other occurances can also impact shipping times.

We treat the orders the fastest we can. This means we usually ship them within 1-3 business days upon receiving your order. This timeframe is not guaranteed, but rather a general observation of our fulfillment time. However, we ALWAYS treat express orders in the next business day.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REFUNDS DUE TO DELIVERY DELAYS. We would love it if carriers would issue a refund each time they didn't respect their timeframe, but unfortunately they do not, and we are not responsible of the way they manage their business or the delays that can occur once we drop off your shipment at their facility. We cannot refund you the shipping fees, as none of them are guaranteed. Most of the time, they respect them, but if they don't, we cannot issue any returns or refunds.

Please also note that your order's final price doesn't include taxes & duties from your original country. Please verify the amount before ordering. The items are all sent DDU.

Your order's final price doesn't include the international fee charged by banks to exchange the price into your currency if the currency differs. (0,5% - 1%)

This policy is subject to changes at any moment. 

For any other inquiry please use this e-mail :

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