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  • Will you have more colors?
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  • When will I receive my order?
    We ship the masks as soon as we can, it takes usually 1-2 business days, if we have a heavy quantity of orders we can take 3 days to treat it exceptionally. However, all express orders are rushed. We really are dedicated to providing a fast service. Note that if you order on weekends or on friday, our shipping providers only work monday-friday, so we usually ship them on mondays. We provide a tracking number with all our shipment when available. If you're in a country outside the US, you may not have access to tracking all the way due to your postal service. Please note that shipment service providers sometimes have delays. The timesframes are not guaranteed, but rather an observation of 99% of the delays for our customers. We are working hard to provide the fastest shipping possible. If you do not receive your order in the delays indicated on your tracking information, please wait it out for a day or two and then contact us :
  • The product is sold out what can i do?
    Register your e-mail in our newsletter and we’ll send you a notification when we restock. We usually restock really fast.
  • How do I wash my mask?
    Handwash it only. Use small amounts of detergent and softener. Do not put it in the washer and dryer, as it may cause it to lose shape. You can rinse it in a small bowl of water.
  • How many layers are your mask? Are they conspicuous?
    They two layers is inconspicuous, but if you have a really fair skin or if you adjust the earloops in a way that "extends" the mask, it may be more obvious. In general, people do okay with the two layer in contexts where others are far from them and/or just want them to comply without really caring about the mask which is most of the time. Always adjust the mask so it's not extended. Sometimes, if it's really sunny outside or under certain lightings, some colors may be more visible. Also, teeth/mouth can be visible when speaking. However, we have really good reviews of people wearing them in planes, gyms and groceries while never being bothered by anyone really. As for the Triple Layer, we sugget them if people need to be close to you or if you need them in stricter contexts (schools). The Triple Layer is even more inconspicuous than the 2-ply. It does reduce slightly breathability, so we came up with the patterned 2 layered masks also to offer another choice. The patterned has optimal breathability while also being the most inconspicuous 2-layered mask! We are currently working on an even more inconspicuous design. Sign up for newsletter to be warned when it comes out
  • When will you restock X color?
    We restock very often colors and sizes. Please sign up to our newsletter and our instagram. We always announce the restocks on both platforms.
  • I have a retail business/store and would be interested in selling your masks. Can I buy wholesale?
    Please e-mail us at : and title your e-mail «WHOLESALE».
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