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They see a mask

 we see freedom

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When this whole pandemic began, our rights and freedom also began to slowly die out. People all over the world have been harassed for not wearing masks while grocery shopping, taking the airplane, and even in their workplace. People have been threatened to comply or to lose their jobs. Those with medical exemptions couldn’t go anywhere without being harassed, and sometimes even assaulted. Children have been obliged to wear masks even though it harms their development. To address this, we decided to create a mask that lets people breathe. We use a special fabric made to look like you wear a mask, but you can breathe as if you don’t wear one. We made this, because we understand that it’s hard to stand for your freedom of choice when you’re alone and vulnerable in a position where you can lose your job or if you’re in a region where it is mandated even in essential places like grocery stores. 

Capture d’écran, le 2021-04-21 à 16.19
Capture d’écran, le 2021-04-21 à 16.21


I founded Breathe Pray Love masks because I hate masks. I never accepted the idea of ​​having a mask imposed on me or even any other sanitary measures. I fundamentally believe that people have the right to keep the management of their health in their own hands. I tried to defend my right to breathe by not bending to wear the compulsory mask. The results were striking, I was taken out of the stores like a thief, called a terrorist at the grocery store, and threatened. It was at that moment that I had the idea of ​​a mask which would allow me to breathe and which would exempt me from a frightened and manipulated society. If you are forced to wear a mask, wear a patriot's mask and take back your right to breathe normally. Don't bow down if you are not forced to wear one and remember ! Don't forget to Breathe💨 to Pray✝️ and to Love🇺🇲

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Thank you !

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